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Cat Behavior Tips

If I could give people one piece of behavioral advice with a new cat, it would be this — Ignore the cat. There is a reason cats always choose to go to the people that ignore them. Those people are predictable! Cats (and dogs and birds) are keen observers of human behavior. Cats watch people […]

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First Aid For Cat Owners

You’ve got to figure it’s going to happen sometime: your cat will be injured. After all, they climb up everything, get into everything else, and they’re armed with razor blades. In some situations, they obviously need transport to your vet’s office. But in others, cat owners can use basic first aid techniques to provide immediate

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Cat’s At Play Café

COME SEE CATS AT PLAY! Inspired by her visit to a Charleston cat cafe, Lisa Fox determined the next phase of her life would be to bring a cat café to Asheville. Seven months after Cats at Play Café opened, they have now adopted out nearly 90 cats and established a comfortable,“catty” place to hang

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Thanks to You!

Thanks to you!  The numbers for 2023 are in and because of this community’s generosity and support, we closed out 2023 with $132,308 in donations! Some of this was due to large fundraisers like Katie King’s neverending Auction, which has raised over $7,000 to date, but so much more is from ACW members and others

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