Meet the Board

Meet The Board

Butter Biscuit

I'm here to formally introduce you to our purrfect board members. They all give good scratches and love their fur families.

Star Broadnax - Board Lead

A cat weirdo since birth who has always had a cat, she currently only has 1 kitty: Galaxy Sweetfeet. Star joined ACW in 2016, from the beginning of the Facebook group, and has been involved since its inception. Building community relationships and seeing how members have made friends & connections in their neighborhoods because of ACW is her favorite thing.

Louise Henline - Merchandise Lead

Louise began managing all inventory and the ACWEF online store in 2019. You've probably met her at one of our events. Merch Kittty! Currently, she has 3 kitties at home; Toulouse, Jade, and Leeloo, dispite being allergic to cats. Her family owns and has operated Asheville Pet Supply for the last 31 years in North Asheville. She loves helping the cat community and keeping Asheville Weird.

Cindy Honeycutt - Web Mistress

Cindy, a 6th generation Asheville resident, was one of the original 400 members of the ACW FB Group. She has worked with the Asheville Cat Weirdos Emergency Fund since its inception as the web designer. She now serves as the Technical Director, handling all the nuts and bolts of fund operations. She currently has two cats at home - Pippin and Raider.

Joyce Baker - Spay / Neuter Lead

A Weaverville resident since 2014, she shares her log cabin in the woods with 6 spoiled rescue cats - Bebe, Apricot, Barney, Raven, Domino and foster fail Coal. Recently retired, she loves to travel and fill her free time fostering pregnant mama cats and kittens for Mountain Pet Rescue. A social butterfly you will find her at ACW events, especially if wine is involved.

Michelle Woods Cox - Pantry Co-Lead

Michelle has lived in WNC since 1977. She shares her home with her husband, Gary and their 2 furkids, Linus and Gus. They have a son, Chris, who is a chef in Asheville. She enjoys being able to help fellow cat parents care for their kitties during times of financial hardship. She feels that she has found her "people" in the ACW community, making lifelong friends since joining in Oct 2017.

Katie King - Pantry Co-Lead

She has been completely cat-obsessed for her entire life and currently has 6 (but would have 20 if she could!) When she joined ACW in the fall of 2017, she quickly became involved in fundraising for the ACW Emergency Fund and volunteering with the ACW Pantry. Katie believes in ACW’s mission to keep cats and their people together, and says she’s found her calling volunteering here.

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