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ACWEF Service Area

Does your cat need help? Fill out the form below for the fastest response. There may be a 24+ hour response time as this box is volunteer monitored. Please apply for Care Credit here for your cat.

If you reside outside the counties above, we cannot provide assistance but may be able to offer resources in your local area.

Emergency Veterinary Assistance Program is overwhelmed with applications and has limited funding available, making it impossible to assist all that apply. Additionally, funding limits us to helping one individual or family to one time per calendar year

Falsely informing your vet that you are receiving funds from ACW EVAP will result in application denial and permanent ineligibility for assistance. Cases found to be fraudulent are subject to legal action.

We assist with: Emergencies

Blockages (urinary, foreign body, obstipation)
Trauma (broken bones, shot, hit by car, attacked, amputation)
Poison (ex: lilies)
Emergency Euthanasia 
Emergency C Sections
Respiratory Distress (turning blue, super fast or open mouth breathing)
Diabetic Ketoacidosis

We do NOT assist with:

Wellness Exams
Travel Certificates
Medication (other than what is prescribed at the emergency visit)
Stray Cats
Community Cats
Any animals other than CATS
The Emergency Veterinary Assistance Program issues vouchers directly to veterinarians to cover 
some or all of the cost of your cat’s emergency vet visit.
All payments are made directly to the treating veterinarian and never to an individual.
All vouchers will be null and void after 7 days. 
The application must be filled out completely. You will be asked to provide a picture of your cat.
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