Waggle.org: Another Option for Pets in Need

While the Asheville Cat Weirdos are very proud of the Emergency Vet Assistance Program, we are not able to help everyone with their pet’s financial issues, nor are we always able to give in an amount that covers the entire cost.

One of the other programs we suggest people apply to for help with their veterinary costs is waggle.org. Waggle is a new crowdfunding model for pets in crisis. They are particularly interested in preventing economic euthanasia, or people having to put their pets to sleep because they cannot afford the treatment. Generous donors of all income levels contribute monthly to Waggle’s funds, and these recurring donations are used to create matching donation grants to build a true safety net for animals on the edge.

From their website: “Waggle’s technology doubles the impact of giving by creating “venture philanthropists,” as donors’ first $1 is turned into $2. This substantially improves the chances that a beloved family pet gets necessary, life-saving treatment.”

In order to be considered, you need your veterinarians contact info, your pets medical estimate, and clear and compelling photos of your pet. Send this to https://www.waggle.org/pets-in-need/add-a-pet Then Waggle staff will review your case and post your pet on the Meet Pets in Crisis page. You can then start sharing the link to your pet’s fundraiser with everyone you know and on social media. Your pet could even garner extra attention of picked up by a celebrity or social influencers for a sponsorship.

At the end of the campaign, your veterinarian sends Waggle your pets invoice, and they pay the animal hospital directly, providing safety and security for everyone involved. Funds can also be made available through the online shop that sells things pet owners need every day—a donation is made to the Waggle fund from these sales as well. https://shop.waggle.org/

So if your pet needs monetary help to get the medical care they need, do try Waggle.org!

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