Success Story

Sassy was a stray cat who came into our home one morning. You could tell she was pregnant. She wanted to stay inside.   She had 4 kittens that were still born. We wanted to make sure there were no more kittens.   We had a lot of trouble finding someone that would see her. They all wanted a lot of money upfront.   We finally found a Vet @ Skyland Animal Hospital.   We got in touch with ACW, and I am so very grateful that they were able to help with Sassy.  Our furry baby had a kitten that was stuck and had  been deceased for a while.  She had an emergency C section, and she was also spayed. 

Sassy would not be here without the help of ACW.  They saved this precious furry baby.  We have adopted her, and despite losing her babies, she is one happy and very curious kitty.  She had a little trouble wearing the cone, she would walk  backwards, so we put her in a baby onesies. She really looked cute.  We can’t thank ACW enough for their help.  They helped save our new family member. 

Leigh Ann Goforth

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