“He showed up on our porch as a stray tomcat, and he seemed to have an eye infection. I tried treating it and it didn’t seem to get better. He always appeared to be crying. We named him Ringo, fed him, and he integrated with our other pets, but still seemed like his eyes were bothering him. When we took him to the vet, they told us he had ingrown eyelids and would need surgery. The surgery, neutering him, and getting him his shots was going to be $500. We reached out to the Asheville Cat Weirdos emergency fund and they paid for the whole thing! The vet gave us a discount, and my out of pocket costs was only $20! Ringo seems so much happier already. He is loving the attention he’s getting and is on the mend. Thank you so much! The vet said he is only 3 years old so he’ll have a long and happy life now.” – ACW Member Charmaine Maynor

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