This is Tango. He lives with his feline sister and loving mom. Recently Tango’s mom reached out to us here at ACWEF because he’d sustained a wound that required some care. We were able to contribute $400 to his care and he’s since made a full recovery!! 

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This is Kingsley. Sadly, Kingsley was very sick with a urinary blockage. This is very common in male cats and is something that needs to be addressed quickly. He needed emergency treatment and his human has reached out to ACWEF for aid with their estimated $900 bill. We were able to assist with covering the

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Hello fellow weirdos I wanted to share my story of my little Marie who got really sick recently and I honestly couldn’t afford it at the moment and I didn’t know what to do for my baby 😕 at the time I didn’t know what was going on but I knew something was wrong with

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Lyra had a nasty shattered leg that required an expensive amputation procedure. Thanks to donations like yours, the ACWEF was able to help Lyra’s Mom cover the cost of the vet bill.

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“He showed up on our porch as a stray tomcat, and he seemed to have an eye infection. I tried treating it and it didn’t seem to get better. He always appeared to be crying. We named him Ringo, fed him, and he integrated with our other pets, but still seemed like his eyes were

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Baby-Cat recently had a painful abscess develop over her eye, and her owner didn’t have the funds available to get the immediate care she needed. The ACW Emergency Fund covered half of the vet bill, and she’s now well on her way to recovery. Baby-Cat’s family has graciously committed to repaying the donation that the

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This is Florence. Florence recently was experiencing some breathing difficulties, and needed to make an emergency trip to the vet that wasn’t in her owners’ budget. The Emergency Fund was able to assist and get her the care she needed, and now that that scary moment has passed, her people are better able to take

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