Featured Rescue: Mountain Pet Rescue


In an ongoing series the ACW newsletter will be featuring local shelters and rescues. This month we welcome Mountain Pet Rescue!

How long has the shelter been operating, and what motivated its establishment?

We started in November 2017 and have saved nearly 6000 cats and dogs since then. Our mission is simple: Connecting people with pets in need. Through grassroots efforts, we envision a future in which all companion animals find loving homes where they are able to receive the care and respect they deserve.   

How many cats do you typically have in your care at any given time, and what types of cats do you rescue (e.g., strays, abused, abandoned)? 

80-150 at any given time depending on time of year and availability of foster families as we are a foster-based rescue with no shelter.  We take in every type of cat or kitten from bottle babies to seniors, abandoned, strays, abused, etc.

How do you assess and prioritize the cats needs for medical attention, socialization, and rehoming?  

We have a full medical intake process and most importantly, pets go to foster homes where personalities, medical needs, etc. can be observed, evaluated and developed or treated as appropriate.  We also find it best to try to match fosters with the right pets as everyone has their own strengths…some do well with those in need of extra medical care, others do well with pets who need more socialization, etc.

Are there behavioral assessments to match kitties and potential adopters? What do you look for?  Do you offer support to adopters after they take a cat home? 

We find it is important to make the right match. We want a FOREVER family, not a temporary family.  We have an adoption application we review with potential adopters. We discuss what they are looking for and provide guidance on what adoptable pets might be a good match.  Thankfully, since all of our pets spend time in foster homes, we are able to provide a pretty good description of their personalities and what type of family might be well suited for the pet in question. We send adopters home with contact information so they can reach out if they need guidance after adoption. 

Do you have any specific programs or initiatives in place to promote the adoption of older cats or cats with special needs?  

We take in FIV+ kitties that would often be turned away or be automatically euthanized at county shelters.  We don’t shy away from kittens and cats in need of eye enucleations, wobbly kitties, those in need of limb removals, etc.  We also have a few seniors in our care, but they often are adopted at a slower rate than kittens and young cats.

How are volunteers involved in your shelter, and what roles do they play in caring for the cats? How would someone apply?  

Volunteers foster our animals and we have a great team of volunteers who run our adoption events at our partner businesses, PetSmart, Bleachery Blvd and Hollywood Feed, S Tunnel Rd, along with the occasional remote events.  We also have a whole team of volunteers who feed, care for and socialize the kitties in our PetSmart habitat. We maintain three habitat spaces for adoptable kitties at our thrift store, The Thrift Hound, also.   

Are there any success stories or particularly heartwarming adoption stories that you‘d like to share? 

We would also be glad to feature a long-term baby who hasn’t found a home yet, in hopes of finding a furever home.  If you plan to run this soon, featuring bonded pair, Zarina and Zannah, would be fabulous!  You can read all about them on their profiles on our website.  We have several happy tails of adoption- from people driving across several state lines to adopt kitties, to long term stays finding their forever homes, and kitties overcoming medical or behavioral challenges and still being adopted.

How do you fund your operations? Do you depend on donations or other sources of funding? How can people contribute to your organization?  

Donations, adoption fees and the occasional grants.  People can donate and shop at The Thrift Hound, donate online at:  Donate | Mountain Pet Rescue | Asheville, NC (https://mountainpetrescueavl.org) or donate pet supplies in our donation bin at the registers at PetSmart, Bleachery Blvd. Also, in the past couple of years, we have been able to offer low cost ASPCA spay/neuter appointments to the community when we have extras.  The link to that is on our FAQ page:  FAQs – Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville (https://mountainpetrescueavl.org)

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