Celebrating the ACWEF Cat Pantry!

One of the things about today’s economy that is true is that one can never tell when you can find yourself strapped for cash. This is one of the reasons that Asheville Cat Weirdos maintains a cat food and litter pantry to make sure that kitties in our area can always have access to nutritious food.

In the first six months of 2024, the ACW Cat Pantry has helped 894 cats, given out 6792 cans of wet food, about 890lbs of dry food, 2060lbs of litter, 468 treats, and 400 toys!

The Asheville Cat Weirdos Pantry dates are the 2nd Tuesday from 3-5 pm and the 4th Saturday from 12-2 pm at the House of Black Cat Magic, 84 Haywood Road in Asheville.

We could not do this without Michelle Woods Cox, Katie King, Christina LaSalle Dorsett, and all of our other hard-working Pantry volunteers! It is so amazing to be a part of this cat loving community.

Obviously we also cannot do this without the generous help of our community!!!!

Please help us provide for our kitty friends! We are happy to accept cat food and litter donations at Asheville Pet Supply, Zen Ink and Lakeview Putt and Play!

If you have friends elsewhere who are having a hard time taking care of their pets, here is a link to a national animal food bank directory!

Questions? Email pantry@ashevillecatweirdos.org.

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