Cat’s We Have Helped: Maggie

Jennifer has a dear kitty named Maggie (AKA Mags Malone) that came to her last winter as a tiny three-pound girl who was having her own babies. She wore a collar, but was clearly abandoned. Jennifer took her in, and brought her to the Humane Society to have her kittens. She fostered Maggie and her babies, who were all adopted.

From the beginning, Maggie had a bad cough that never went away, even after her time at the Humane Society. It continued to flare up periodically until it came to a point this fall where her breathing was labored and she had attacks multiple times per day. “I thought she might actually perish, that she’d have to be put down. I really did. I was thinking FIP or something horrible like that.”

Already worried, she really panicked when her other cat Maizey started the same cough. So she called the ACW help number, and received enough emergency fund money to cover the tests and X-rays for Maggie.

The doctor confirmed that Maggie had severe asthma that had been triggered by the use of diatomaceous earth on the carpets. This was apparently setting the other cat off, too. “So not only did I get a diagnosis and my cat is now on the proper medicine but it also saved my other cat.”

“Mags is utterly the sweetest creature on earth. For a kitty who started out abandoned on the streets, she is amazing. She’s my best little friend. She is so attached to me. You can tell she had some bad stuff happen to her. She’s super happy now and always playful and just pure sugar.”

Since then, she’s rescued a third cat, now that she knows the others aren’t contagious. “So really, they saved three cats. I’m forever grateful to the ACW fund.”

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