Cat’s We Have Helped: Smiley

Scott adopted his cat Smiley in 2019. One of the first things he did, as a good cat parent, was take him for a checkup—only to find that while Smiley was in good health generally, he needed 11 teeth pulled! The unexpected expense was something Scott hadn’t anticipated and couldn’t afford the $750 estimated cost.

Open Door vet suggested that he apply for emergency funds from ACWEF. So he went to the website and applied. “I made the vet appointment and his teeth were pulled. After the surgery was done, I went to the receptionist and she said it’s paid for.”

Smiley now has four other cat siblings in Scott’s home, and Scott says the cats are his family. “Smiley is very loving, caring and is always around me. Getting his teeth pulled hasn’t slowed him down—he was nine pounds when I adopted him, now he’s 16. He’s a big boy.”

“I can’t thank y’all enough for doing that for him! He’s doing great! Thanks again!”

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