Cats We’ve Helped

Success Story

Sassy was a stray cat who came into our home one morning. You could tell she was pregnant. She wanted to stay inside.   She had 4 kittens that were still born. We wanted to make sure there were no more kittens.   We had a lot of trouble finding someone that would see her.

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Naiobi & Cat Daddy Marc Friedlander have been members of ACW since nearly the very beginning. They’ve supported the fund in any way they could, not knowing one day they’d need help too. Naiobi had a tumor removed & tested. Thankfully it was benign. Total donation was $250.

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Peter Parker

A highly followed case was that of Peter Parker a ginger cat from Hendersonville. Peter sustained an animal bite of unknown origin & was facing the worst from laws in the state. We worked for days securing him proper placement to wait out his medical quarantine of 4 months. Boxer Butts & Other Mutts was

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Mogget belongs to one of ACW’s favorite couples. They actually met in the group. Had it not been for Van Calloway sharing photos of his #1 man, Sophia Jekic may have never met them. Mogget had an unknown infection that landed him in Reach Emergency Vet for several days. The total donation to Mogget was

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This is Tango. He lives with his feline sister and loving mom. Recently Tango’s mom reached out to us here at ACWEF because he’d sustained a wound that required some care. We were able to contribute $400 to his care and he’s since made a full recovery!! 

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This is Kingsley. Sadly, Kingsley was very sick with a urinary blockage. This is very common in male cats and is something that needs to be addressed quickly. He needed emergency treatment and his human has reached out to ACWEF for aid with their estimated $900 bill. We were able to assist with covering the

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