Bequests to ACWEF

Did you know that you can help Asheville Cat Weirdos Emergency Fund go on helping cats and their humans in need even after you’re gone?

Of course, no one likes to think about passing on, but it will happen to all of us at some time in the future. Making a bequest to a local charity makes it easy to donate money to a good cause just by leaving a provision in your will. Considering that the ACWEF is dependent on funds coming in on a regular basis to continue to provide care for local cat families, such a bequest is a way to help keep us up and running ongoing.

First, you should consult with an attorney, preferably one who specializes in estate planning, to ensure that your wishes are legally binding and properly executed. There are different types of bequests you can make:

Specific Bequest: You designate a specific asset or amount of money to the charity.
Residuary Bequest: After providing for your loved ones and covering expenses, you designate a percentage or the remainder of your estate to the charity.
Contingent Bequest: You specify that the charity will receive a bequest only if certain conditions are met, such as if other beneficiaries predecease you.

When you draft your will –or update it if you already have one—you will include the bequest to the ACWEF. Be sure to include the charity’s full legal name, address, and tax identification number to avoid any confusion-you can send your questions about those details here:

If you’ve decided to grant money in your will to the ACWEF, please inform us of your intention to include them in your will. This allows us to express our gratitude and potentially offer guidance on how your gift can best support the mission. By following these steps, you can ensure that your bequest to our hard work is carried out according to your wishes and makes a meaningful impact in your community.

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